Our culinary team is dedicated to tailor the perfect menu for your event using the freshest, top-notch quality, seasonal ingredients, offering innovative local and international cuisines. We create extraordinary dining experiences whether it’s for a few dozen or a few thousand diners.

Chef Tuan is the first Vietnamese Executive Chef to oversee five-star restaurants in Furama Resort Danang. With 15 years of experience as a leading culinary expert in international and local Vietnamese cuisines, he is devoted to create unique signature dishes for themed events including Tet Village Market, Festive Season fares, Vietnam Folklore Night, Indian Food Festival, Mexican Week, Thai Cuisine Week and Italian delights. He is a true Ambassador of the Furama Culinary Team to bring the Vietnamese cuisine and culture to India, Italy, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Japan through cross-cultural food events.

We will create incredible memories leaving your guests looking forward to years to come.