1. Who do I contact for certain inquiries?
    We have a dedicated team specialised in all aspects of your events. Please let our Events Manager know and we will be happy to provide you with  a contact list.
  2. Can I ship items to the venue before the event?
    Exhibitor equipment and material deliveries should be arranged through your appointed professional service provider. The Licensor has limited storage space and will not accept advance shipments from exhibitors or show management prior to contracted dates.Please do not ship any items to the attention of the Licensor, unless the items are specifically for our use. Please ensure that all deliveries are to be made during the time of events only and that a representative from the event organising team will be on-site to receive and sign for the shipment(s). Please schedule your corporate event shipment(s) to arrive 1 – 2 days prior to the event start date to avoid additional storage fees.
  3. Where do I unload?
    Depending on activity levels, contractors arriving on Ground Level will access the main floor through a loading dock or may be instructed to access the main floor via the main entrance. The flow and movement of the traffic within the ACC is monitored and controlled by the Security and Safety department. Please advise Contractors and Exhibitors that they should prepare means of transporting stocks and materials to the site to reduce the amount of time it takes to load and unload. This is to ensure a smooth flow of traffic within the ACC.
  4. Is AC provided during event set up?
    AC is not provided during set up however this can be arranged. Please contact our Sales Manager for arrangement for this service.
  5. Is there accommodation close by the venue?
    Yes, there are plenty of accommodation options with Furama Resort and Furama Villas within the Ariyana Tourism Complex.


  1. What can our team and contractors do or not do at the ACC?
    Please refer to the Ariyana Convention Centre’s Rules and Regulations and our Policies for Pre-event Set up.
  2. Can I or my guests smoke at the ACC?
    We aim to provide a healthy, smoke-free environment for the safety and comfort of all customers, visitors and staff members. All indoor areas of the ACC are designated non-smoking areas. Our designated smoking areas are located outside of the lobby on the First Floor. Electronic cigarettes are not allowed to be used indoors.
  3. What do I need to do in case of fire?
    Safety brief will be conducted prior to events upon request and any fire drill will be announced by our Security Controller in advance. Unless otherwise stated, please evacuate according to the fire watch guidance, announcement “Fire! Fire!” / “Cháy! Cháy!”, and/or when you hear continuous siren. Please refer to Evacuation Plan for more details.
  4. Is the venue wheelchair accessible?
    Yes, all floors are designed and built to accommodate wheelchair access.
  5. Can we have a separate Wi-Fi network dedicated for the Event Organising team and the main network remains public for the guests?
    Yes, absolutely. We can set up and customise the Wi-Fi networks to your requirements. Kindly let our team know of the required bandwidth, privacy settings and special streaming requests to better tailor-make this for you. Please contact our Sales department for further details.


  1. Can I leave my debris behind at the venue?
    Disposing of garbage and debris at the ACC is prohibited. Post-event cleaning is a chargeable service.
  2. Is AC provided during event tear down?
    AC is not provided during tear down however this can be arranged. Please contact our Sales Manager for arrangement for this service.


  1. Where can I get a map of the ACC and the Ariyana Tourism Complex
    Please access our Download Centre (link to map in download centre).
  2. What do I have to take into consideration when planning the event layouts or concepts?
    Please refer to our Manual (link to Download Centre) for consideration on FLOOR PLANS, LINE OF SIGHT, SPECIAL EFFECTS, VISUAL DISPLAYS, and our Emergency Evacuation Plan.
  3. What kind of vehicles can access the ACC?
    The ACC can accommodate motorbikes, cars, coaches and trucks up to 10 tons of weight. Only trucks weighing less than 3 tons can access the loading dock.
  4. Can our contractors set up for the event at night? Will there be lights
    Yes. Contractors can set up during the night for the event with basic lighting provided. Please contact our Sales representative to arrange the set up in the contract terms and conditions.
  5. Is there storage where we can store our equipment before and during
    Storage space is limited and may not be available if the venue is fully booked. Charges may apply. Please contact our Operations Manager for more details.