How to create a happy school environment was put in the spotlight at an educational workshop took place at Ariyana Convention Centre Danang.

Co-organised by the Viet Nam National Education channel (VTV7), the LOF brand of the IDP International Dairy JSC, and the Department of Teachers under the Ministry of Education and Training, the two-day event was attended by 400 principals from 50 provinces and cities nationwide.

Notably, the workshop saw the participation of two world-renowned experts in educational psychology and happiness creation: Professor Peck Cho from the Korea University, and Professor Ha Vinh Tho who is a Vietnamese-French education consultant of the South Korean government and the founder of the Eurasia Learning Institute for Happiness and Wellbeing.

The two invited guests introduced participating principals to practical, effective and scientific ways to solve current school-related problems, true perspectives on education and ways to run a happy school, and the journey of rebuilding the teacher’s happiness in teaching.