Ways to drive tourism development in Viet Nam’s central key economic zone

The Danang People’s Committee has just approved a project to develop tourism in the central key economic zone into a spearhead economic sector in the time to come.

Accordingly, the development of the central key economic zone must be in line with the socio-economic development strategy of the whole country. It also ensures consistency with the national planning and strategies for Viet Nam’s tourism development until the end of 2030, with the development orientation of the central key economic zone and of the specific localities in the region, consistent with other relevant sectoral planning in the area, and suitable to the actual situation and strengths of the regional localities.

Besides, tourism development shifts from tourist destination to tourist zone, and from quantity to quality.

As for specific goals, by 2025, tourism in the central key economic zone will have become an important economic sector, and a spearhead economic sector by 2030, strongly promoting the development of other industries and tapping the maximum potential and advantages to foster the growth of the central key economic zone.

In a bid to develop its tourism industry, the central key economic zone needs to make a regional tourism development orientation by 2030, with a vision towards 2050 so as to integrate it into the national planning.

The early implementation of the above-mentioned plan will serve as an orientation framework for national agencies and local authorities in the region to develop appropriate and phased tourism development plans.

In detail, focus will be placed on ensuring the compliance with the central key economic zone’s master plan, perfecting the tourism investment environment, developing high-quality tourism human resources, and promoting the zone’s tourist market in association with the central role of Danang, developing tourism products, enhancing the role of tourism associations.

Also, working groups for tourism development in the regional localities must be set up. High-ranking officials from the People’s Committee of centrally-government localities will be the group leaders whilst the director of the municipal/ provincial

Department of Tourism, or the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism will act as a permanent deputy leader to unify the focal point so as to direct issues related to tourism development.

Source: danangtoday.com.vn