Major socio-economic development tasks set for 2022

The Danang authorities have just identified some key tasks and solutions for promoting the city’s socio-economic growth in 2022, with a focus on ensuring that this year’s gross regional domestic product (GRDP) will rise by 6-7% as compared to 2021.
Specifically, proactive, and effective measures will be taken to restrain the virus’ spread in an effort to consistently pursue the policy of safe and flexible adaptation approaches to effective control of COVID-19 and socio-economic recovery.

Mechanisms and policies for Danang’s growth, along with national government-issued resolutions regarding the city’s development will be carried out promptly and effectively.

Efforts will be made to soon complete a master plan for the city’s growth in the 2021-2030 period with a vision to 2050 and speed up the creation of sub-divisions.

Focus will be on effectively implementing the municipal People’s Committee’s Plan No. 185/KH-UBND dated October 26, 2021, on socio-economic recovery and growth in the context of safe and flexible adaptation approaches to effective control of COVID-19; issuing support policies for city-based businesses; and facilitating employers and employees to access preferential loans.

Plans for boosting tourism rebound and ensuring adequate supply of essential goods for locals in the context of complicated and unpredictable developments of COVID-19 will be developed. Also, investment attraction activities at the Danang High-Tech Park and Dedicated Information Technology Park will be promoted. Every effort will be made to put the Cam Le Industrial Cluster at the 1st stage into operation and accelerate the development of the Hoa Nhon Industrial Cluster during the year.

A continued effort will be needed to enhance the investment and business environment, appeal for more investors from both home and abroad to invest into the city and create very favorable conditions for enterprises operating in the city to drive their post-pandemic production expansion and recovery.

The progress of key projects across the city and the capital disbursement for basic construction works for the sake of the city’s growth will be expedited.

Appropriate measures are in need to improve the efficiency of the State budget management and fight against tax losses and fulfill the State budget estimate.

Heed will be paid to developing socio-cultural fields, ensuring social welfare and poverty reduction, and improving living standards of people.

Importance will be attached to improving the efficiency of administrative reform, promptly settling complaints and denunciations, ensuring national defense and security, and maintaining political stability and social order and safety.
Moreover, emphasis will be on promptly publicizing the guidelines and policies issued by the national and municipal governments among the public and taking timely solutions to untrue information spreading in public opinion, especially in the complicated situation of COVID-19.

In the coming time, based on the conclusion of the Prime Minister at the meeting with the city’s leaders, the municipal authorities will continue to direct relevant government departments and agencies to closely coordinate with ministries and branches to settle the city’s recommendations; specially to remove difficulties and obstacles in the implementation of the inspection of conclusions of the Government Inspectorate.

From now until the 2022 Tet Festival, in addition to taking drastic measures to control COVID-19, the Danang authorities will focus on securing sufficient supply of essential goods for the Tet market; stabilizing market prices; and presenting Tet gifts to disadvantaged people, poor households, social policy families, part-time workers in residential areas, and residential groups in order to help them celebrate a warm and happy Tet.