HOT IDEAS: Bringing The Unexpected Touches Of Culture And Sensory Experiences To Meetings

01. Take back the old days

In contrast to the rapid change and development of the world in a 4.0 era, Ariyana would like to invite our guests to travel back in time to a poetic and nostalgic space with ancient time memories. Set in Vietnam post-liberation period, you will come across an old Vietnamese atmosphere. Classic and simplistic details convey the Vietnamese life the late 1970s.

Our dishes which are made with unique local flavours will entice guests to reminisce the old days, and to appreciate the affluence we have had.

02. Vietnamese coffee martini

Awake your senses (and your guests) with Ariyana Vietnamese coffee martini!

“Coffee has become a delicacy for every soul, those who come to coffee when they have confidences and concerns, those who come to coffee as a source of creative inspiration at work, and those who come to coffee simply as a way to enjoy life!”

The bitter taste and the richness of Vietnamese coffee blended with vodka makes for an ecstatic welcome experience.