Meet The Team: Mr. Daniel Chanteloup – Chief Protocol Officer

Q: As a 7-star butler, what is your principle when attending to Heads of state & Celebrities?

A: Mr. Daniel Chanteloup – Chief Protocol Officer:

I enjoy the rigorous planning that is involved from the protocol to getting every single detail of their riders arranged.

It is my duty to provide them with complete privacy and discretion while working in the shadows, assuring that all of their needs are met before them realizing it.

Q: How do you personalize meetings and events for VIPs?

A: Mr. Daniel Chanteloup – Chief Protocol Officer:

If the VIP has an advance team visiting the site before the actual visit, I would sit with them to go through the VIP’s schedule, their meeting riders, dietary preferences and other details that must be known and arranged.

In case there is no advance team, I must start by researching about the VIP as soon as we learn who’s attending all the way to immediately start reading the VIP once they arrive and take it from there. This is the best part though, delighting people without prior knowledge of them.