Meet Our Expert – Mr. Nguyen Thanh Son (Director of Decorative Art and Production)


My story began in my homeland of Nam Dinh, with frequent scolding from my father for sketching all over my notebooks, I realized I am into art. My liking for sketching then developed to the love for painting and has since been my foremost passion. I still decided to follow my passion and moved to Danang after my graduation in 1998, to study rock painting in Non Nuoc stone carving village. After four years working on my stone sculpturing skills in Danang, I moved to Saigon in search for a stable life and worked as a supervisor in an interior design firm. I made a better living but realized my passion was gradually fading away. So naturally as it happened, I was enticed to return to Danang and settle my life here.

When I first started working in Furama Resort Danang, the managing and operating company of Ariyana Convention Centre as a florist, I gradually nurtured my love for art through the arrangement in harmony of flower colours and textures.. My ability won over the board of directors as I then was in charge of designing the landscape for all events at the resort and taught in calligraphy and stone sculpture classes for the resort guests at the same time. This place helped me find myself through decorative work, from conceptualizing overall event designs to decorative construction from start to finish. An old Danang can be recreated through a photographic exhibition, or a snowy Christmas party. The unique concepts which are created with a depth of conscience and artistic assertiveness can directly contribute to the event success and induce emotions.

I might have many professions however they originate from my love for art. I am happy because whatever I do, I do it with love. Truly, art was always my destiny. Whether my work is an exterior design project or conducting painting classes, I am always blessed with a passionate audience. The greatest happiness for artists may not be fame; it may just be that they have an artistic space for their own where their creativity can be freely expressed and their passion appreciated.

I look forward to hearing your event ideas and helping you create memorable moments at the Ariyana Convention Centre.