Hot Ideas: Advantages Of Social & Ecological Team-building Ideas

In recent years, companies are looking for ways to become more active and involved in communities, hence looking into social and ecological aspects of teambuilding activities, and tying these to a social or charitable cause.

Better rounded results: both companies and communities are benefited.
Ecological team building is not necessarily different from traditional team building, but more considerate towards the impacts on nature and the environment. For instance, zero-footprint exercises not only require teamwork but also tap into creativity and require team players to think outside the box.

Endless alternations for better values
Not only these activities make participants feel good, there are also multiple ways to alternate the methods, the venues hence making them more meaningful and entertaining.
Outdoor, indoor, onsite & offsite.

Address current environmental issues and strengthen CSR values
Beach and ocean clean ups not only works as an effective physical activity but also helps the local tourism. The local community will appreciate and support your brand, therefore reinforcing the brand awareness and image where your team go.