Meet The Team – Ms. Tran Thi Dieu Hien (Assistant Director Of Sales)

Xin chao Ms. Hien. As enterprises are all having year end party as a kind of year revision, can you tell, with all your experience working with such banquet booking, what is the most important thing in planning a year end party?

Companies’ year end party are varied and depend on company culture and many other factors. Traditional party with old fashion activities are now less favoured and organizers are replacing them with new interesting and trend catching programs.

The first thing that comes to mind when planning a party is the party theme. Companies often choose themselves a theme named after a movie, a new hit music video, or a hot trend on social network or strongly motivated key words such as #future #strength #success to tailor their party. So, by choosing the right theme, you’ve already have part of a successful event.

Yes. So what else contribute to the rest of the success of the party?

Along with the theme, entertainment must be carefully considered. Whatever your party is for, there must be entertainment as it makes up for 80% of all event activities, making an attractive and exciting party. A year end party can be planned with varied kinds of entertainment. First thing to say is music performances. A certain competitiveness is essential to push all departments to have their performances well prepared. Such performance is a good way to tighten the department teamwork.

Making use of social media, latest technology ideas are always favoured by staffs, i believe so. Young dynamic staffs love new things and connection. Such, social network should be used to attract attention. This you must keep in mind: the latest trend you update, the more attractive your event is.