Meet The Team – Mr. Nguyen Quoc Vu (Security Controller)

Could you share your best practice in traffic coordination for large scale groups of 1000 guests or more? Especially groups that require multiple means of transport and arriving on different schedules?

With the scale of the Ariyana convention centre, hosting over 1000 event attendants has become the norm. We therefore provide an overall analysis with contingency planning for multiple scenarios to deliver the optimal solutions to our clients. We do this by understanding our clients and their needs, the itinerary and the scheduled agenda, the means of transportation especially for large groups in order to determine the complexity of traffic flows, locate the drop of and pick up points so as to make it easiest and most convenient for the guests and organisers alike and prevent blockage.

What are the crucial factors in terms of security and safety for large scaled events of 1000pax or more? Any difference between indoor and outdoor settings?

No matter the circumstance, we always put the safety and security for guests first with the following criteria:

  • Ensure safety and security for all guests
  • Ensure the safety of the property and in all back of house and function areas.
  • Ensure fire safety for all involved.
  • Maintain clearance for the fire exits and fire assembly points in case of evacuation
  • Ensure clearance of all public access and paths in case of emergency
  • Cooperate and coordinate with concerned governmental bodies when required to ensure safety and security for all.