Danang in Top 10 Must see places in 2019 for Australian tourists by SkyScanner

To Australian tourists, destinations like Bali and London will be replaced by some surprising new elements which are must-sees in 2019.

SkyScanner compared statistics of searches in 2017 and 2018 to list out the top rising destinations next year. Accordingly, the capital city of Ukraine – Kiev has the highest growth rate in search numbers, an annual growth of 129%.

Top 10 Must see destinations Growth every year on online searches Differences of rankings (2017 and 2018)
Lisbon (Portugal) 37% 16
Da Nang (Vietnam) 23% 9
Kiev (Ukraine) 129% 62
Nice (France) 33% 19
Thessaloniki (Greece) 69% 43
St Petersburg (Russia) 49% 31
Nha Trang (Vietnam) 33% 25
Palawan  (Philippines) 32% 21
Porto (Portugal) 31% 24
Medellin (Colombia) 23% 16

Destinations like Lisbon, Danang and Kiev are rich in culture, history and experiences, things Australian tourists are prioritizing in planning for their holidays.

These are the reasons Australian tourists will rush to Danang in 2019:

  • A jump of 9 levels on the ranking, for the first time Danang is now in top 50 international destination most searched online.
  • Danang is known for its French colonial buildings, pagodas and tranquil beaches
  • Danang is becoming more popular to Australian tourists as it is one stop in the Reunification Express Train from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh city.
  • Tourists should not miss the Marble Mountains with amazing limestone mountains and caves, with the Buddhist temples hiding in the landscapes
  • Danang is still authentic and tranquil since it is still a new destination.

Source : danangfantasticity.com