Meet The Team – Mr. Nguyen Trong Hai (Engineering Manager)

Q: Our clients would like to demonstrate a business model of selling products on a “Float Market”. Can the ACC accommodate this request?

 A: (Mr. Nguyễn Trọng Hải – Engineering Manager): Absolutely feasible! Our primary focus is to be our clients’ companion since the very first steps during the planning process to consult on what works best in terms of technicality and logistics. Event planners can work their creativity to the max in the ample and flexible spaces that the ACC can provide.

HBVL Commercial and Distributors Conference 2018

Q: Our event requires the most influential visual impacts, from welcome reception to special show effects for our performances. Can the ACC ensure that the banquet arrangements and facilities will leverage this?

 A: (Mr. Nguyễn Trọng Hải – Engineering Manager):We can tailor our banquet set-ups according to clients’ preferences. Throughout the process, we always aim to provide clients with optimal solutions through discussion and consultancy to arrange the most suitable stage and lighting set-ups, walkways, choices of flowers to deliver the most impactful show whether you plan to organise it indoor or outdoor.

THACO Bus and Truck Distributors Conference 2018